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As a student you should know that your title page can either make or break your essay. Therefore you should always come up with an eye-catching academic essay title to make your audience read your paper. Nobody will be intrigued to read your paper if the headline is boring as it will not catch their attention. Your headline should be composed in a way that it engages your readers and most importantly your instructor. Without reading the whole academic paper or essay, your instructor will not be able to grade you objectively. So, it is necessary for you to construct a catchy and attention grabbing title for your academic essay paper.

Understanding the important of a good academic essay title or topic, we have written this guide in association with academic essay writing experts’ assistance to help you compose an eye-catching title for your essay.

What Should Your Academic Essay Title Page Include?

The title page or cover page of your academic essay will be the first thing that your readers and your instructors will see. Therefore, it should include a catchy topic. We will explain all about the attention grabbing title in the next sections, but before that we want you know the elements that you should include in your academic essay title page. However, your title page’s elements depend on the citation style so below are two common title pages’ elements that majority of the students would require help for.

APA Academic Essay Title Page

  • Title of the essay
  • Running Head
  • Name of the author
  • Name of the institute
  • Author’s note (optional)

MLA Academic Essay Title Page

  • Institute’s name
  • Title of the essay
  • Name of the student
  • Name of the course
  • Name of the professor or teacher
  • Due date of the paper

If you are unsure of what to include in the title page of your essay, you should always check with your instructor.

What Should Your Academic Essay Title Include?

Students should know that naming an essay is different from titling a research paper. The essay focuses more on impressing the readers and on attracting them while a research paper supports one particular claim and finds solutions to those problems. In order to compose a good academic essay title, brainstorming is the key. Take enough time to think in composing a topic that is not common.

Ideally, your title should be a concise summary of your main topic. If you are wondering how long should the title be for an essay, then keep in mind that the lesser it is, the better. The main idea is to express the main point of your work. Before we take the plunge to explaining about the title further, students should consider the below aspects in their title or headline.

  • Attractive – Of course, it goes without saying to keep your title attractive. We all want to read something that doesn’t sound or read boring.
  • Easy-to-read – If a title sounds complicated or difficult to understand, nobody will be interested. Therefore, you should avoid using tough and strange jargon, vocabulary, and complicated structures.
  • Believable – Titles should not stray away from the truth when trying to make them catchy. Therefore, your titles should be accurate and deliver the exact meaning as to what the essay is about.
  • Short – You should keep the essay title concise, precise, and brief because long headings can always confuse the readers.
  • Active Voice – Ensure using active voice instead of passive voice if your title contains verbs.
  • Accurate – You should never write an inaccurate academic essay title regardless of your niche.

Precisely, your academic essay title should be attention grabbing, credible, accurate, clear, coherent, concise, and must be written in an active voice.

How to Come Up with an Academic Essay Title?

Naming an essay can be easy for you but there are a few core principles that you should take care of. Here are a few tips that you should follow in order to compose a good title for your academic essay and avoiding common mistakes.

Essay Should Be Written First

Students should know that composing the title of their essay first is not ideal. They should first compose the essay so that when you construct the title for your essay, you understand the whole gist of the paper. After completing the essay first will give you a clear idea and understanding of the elements discussed in the essay. This way, you will be able to formulate a good and an accurate essay title.

Consider the Style of Your Essay

Essays are of various types so you should always consider the style in order to compose the title. If it is a narrative essay, descriptive one, or expository, you should form your title or topic accordingly. Seriousness, humorousness, and strictness of the essay title entirely depend on the type, style and tone of your essay. You should determine the tone of your essay and form a title based on which can be either funny, serious, persuasive, informative, or amiable.

Keep it Simple and Brief Without Any Fancy Words

Title should always be kept short and simple. You have to tell the story of your essay in the main body therefore the title should not involve much details. You should sum up your essay paper’s title in just a few words. Your thesis statement of the essay can help you in this regard. You can squeeze the thesis statement in just 3-4 words and form it accordingly. And those words should not be fancy or tough to understand for the audience. Consider taking up to 4 keywords from your essay, put them together, and you are done! Also, you should avoid using abbreviations and jargons for your title.

Seek Professional Assistance for Your Academic Essay Title Page

Now that you have read this guide for your essay title, we hope you will be able to form it inappropriate manner. However, there are students who may still find difficulty in composing a title, so you should seek professional assistance for that. Consult our team of experts today for your academic essay title page and catchy title to impress your instructor and ace your academic career