8 Factual MBA Essay Topics That Will Help You Score Better

Fresh college graduates prefer doing MBA for a successful professional career. Achieving this degree in any field helps them getting their dream job. Though the degree comes with several advantages and merits for a student’s thriving career, it is also associated with several efforts and challenges in the haul for the students. One of the major challenges that MBA students face is composing their assignments such as essays, dissertations, reflective papers, and case studies. No matter which assignment they are being given by their instructors, the first step to write them is to choose and select the name of the topic or title of the essay or paper.

This is where the challenge begins. Majority of the students face difficulty in coming up with a title for the paper that impresses their instructor. All those who have enrolled themselves in an MBA course can only achieve their degree successfully if they are able to submit quality assignments and composing papers on good topics. For that, they should know the tips and tricks to come up with catchy topics for their assignments and how to score better in them by writing them flawlessly.

Follow the below tips in order to select a topic that would possibly impress your instructor.

Tip No. 1: Brainstorm for the Topic Ideas

When your teacher hasn’t given you a topic then you are your own boss in selecting one. You can choose the topic of your interest but it must be related to the field or subject matter. You should consider the below questions in order to generate the topic ideas.

  • Do you have a strong opinion on a current political or social controversy?
  • Do you have any personal issue, interest or problem that you would like to know more about?
  • Did you see or read the news story recently that piqued your interest or made your anxious or angry?
  • Is there any aspect of a class that you in interested to learn about?

After brainstorming on the aforementioned questions, you will likely have answers which can help you decide upon a topic or a title for your essay or dissertation. But you must ensure that you do not come up with an overused topic for the paper.

Tip No. 2: Read Through the Background Information

Now comes the time to read the information related to the topic. You should consider reading a broad summary to get an overview of the topic and see how your idea relates to the narrower, broader or other related issues. The background information will assist you in finding words that are commonly used to describe the topic and those keywords will be helpful for your remaining research.

You should look for information and research on the background of the topic in various latest magazines, newspapers, journal articles, and other research papers related to the topic. Other than that, you can also use web search engines, Bing, or Google in the search engines to find relevant sites on your chosen topic.

Tip No. 3: Narrow Down the Topic and Include Useful Keywords

One thing that majority of the MBA students do not understand at the time of selecting the topic is that they should narrow it down. The title of the paper should not be broad enough that doesn’t deliver the main idea, instead it should be focused on one aspect. This is where you should include the keyword in the topic so that the audience is also able to understand what you are going to research about.

Your topic should be narrowed down so that the audience is able to directly relate and understand what they are going to read in the essay or research paper. A broad topic, on the other hand, will only confuse the reader and they may not even give it a read. So, ensure keeping the topic narrow and focused, incorporating the useful keywords in the topic.

Tip No. 5: Be Flexible with the Topic

It is very common among MBA students to amend and modify the topic during the research process. Students are never sure of what they will find and that’s where they will realize that they will require modification in the title of the paper. You may require narrowing down the topic a bit more or even broadening your focus on a few instances. Therefore, you should choose a topic that is normal and has the flexibility to be improved.

While researching, you may not want to change the topic at that point but you may decide to modify it after looking over a few aspects and factors which may be interesting for you. However, in order to modify your topic, you should always keep the length of the research paper in mind and the overall project along with the references and bibliography.

Tip No. 6: Compose Your Topic Based on the Research Question

Now comes the time to compose your topic. You should keep in mind that the title that you will write should be composed based on the research questions and should have a focused interest related to them. Begin the topic with the keyword, develop more focus on it, and then begin to have questions about the topic. For instance, if you topic is on Frank Lloyd Wright, you should include questions like “How has Frank Lloyd Wright influenced the art and architecture?”

Tip No. 7: Create a Thesis Statement

Now you should write the thesis statement. Your thesis statement can be the answer of the research questions. So, make sure that it is formulated clearly and stated in a concise and precise manner for the audience. It will usually be of one of two sentences stating precisely what is to proven, answered, or what the audience has to be informed about the title.

Top 8 MBA Topics That Can Assist Students in Scoring Better

  1. HR management and its role in the growth of a company’s profitability
  2. A Geographical information system solutions: Job Task management
  3. Online animated e-marketing and advertising: the effects on the consumer purchasing behaviors
  4. The relationship and common issues of innovation management and organizational culture
  5. The best IT outsourcing destinations
  6. The suitable methods of money management on the international level
  7. How to perform an effective audit – A detailed study
  8. Skills that are important to become an entrepreneur

Final Word

Now that you know the tactics to choose a good MBA topic, we hope you are able to compose one with ease. If you are still unable to do so, you can select one from the aforementioned list or take assistance from the MBA essay writing service providers. They have a certified team of expert writers who can select a catchy topic and compose an excellent paper for you on the discussed deadline.